Creativity is in the notes

This one is for my students:

The one characteristic that all of these creatives shared— whether they were painters, actors, or scientists— was how often they put their early thoughts and inklings out into the world, in sketches, dashed-off phrases and observations, bits of dialogue, and quick prototypes. Instead of arriving in one giant leap, great creations emerged by zigs and zags as their creators engaged over and over again with these externalized images.

For the record, I keep two notebooks: this logbook and a hand-written notebook. I like thinking on paper for a variety of reasons, at least one of which is that I sometimes need to draw. Conversely, I sometimes like to make myself work on the computer, because, in the end, almost all forms of productivity in the academy that are valued are largely written. Working on the computer means typing. And typing produces writing. And it makes revising that writing into something others may want to read quite easy.

Oh, and I am going to ignore for now the quite obvious topic of the quotation: genius is iterative. It’s just that we often don’t glimpse the iterations. The final product bursts upon our world and we experience it as revolutionary.

Perception, perception, perception. So much of this comes down to the fact that we are these little bundles of perceiving mechanisms tied to a small, always-on computing device that we have only begun to understand. We are always alone, and yet we are always tangled up with others.

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