Link: Creating a Space for the Digital Humanities

[Paige Morgan has a post][] about how to create a space, what she calls a microclimate, for the digital humanities. Morgan is a PhD candidate at the University of Washington, and she at first worked with one other graduate student, now two, to offer a series of workshops to provide an “introduction to digital humanities and multimodal scholarship, and some of the activities associated with digital humanities (DH) — professionalisation through social media, working with code, and project development.”

What I like about her approach is its realistic expectations about what time and energy their audience possessed and how best to manage it: “We avoid assigning readings, because the majority of our students are already carrying a full course load, and teaching. We can’t make this a stealth 5-credit seminar for which they don’t actually get credit. Instead, we send out email teasers, in which we often highlight one paragraph, or even one sentence, from an essay or website, and we teach using that.”

There’s more. Follow the link above.

[Paige Morgan has a post]:

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