Converting iPython Notebooks

Not only do Jupyter notebooks, nee iPython Notebooks, make it easy to do exploratory work and to keep notes about it, they also make it easy to convert those notebooks into a variety of useful forms: HTML, LaTeX, PDF, etc. The command is simple:

ipython nbconvert –to FORMAT mynotebook.ipynb

(I have no idea how this command, or the file extension, will change now that these are Jupyter notebooks.) Where `FORMAT` appears above, you have the follow options:

`html –template full` (which is actually the default) or `–template basic`

`latex –template article` (again, the default) or `report` or `basic`


`slides` — there are a couple of options here.


`rst`: good for Python documentation as well as for use with `pandoc` if you have yet other file out put needs.

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