Connective Environments

I have wondered for a little bit now how social information systems fit within the Army’s MDO conceptual framework. I understand that they are part of what the Army considers “information operations,” which has a variety of dimensions to it, from OSINT (open source intelligence — basically scraping the web and other public sources) to information warfare. What I have not understood is where information fits within the conventional MDO framework, which seems very tied still to physical environments, with cyberspace representing a non-physical, thus “virtual”, environment.

It would appear, from a recent briefing, which is entirely in the public domain that information is considered a connective environment, like the electro-magnetic spectrum. You would think that cyber might be considered a connective environment — just as land, sea, air, and space are really connective environments — within which certain kinds of operations take place. But the reverse is true?

I’m scratching my head on this one.