Cards are the new novel design idea

Yup, I meant the redundancy of “new novel”. I wanted to emphasize that I think I am full up on the web changing everything and the web itself changing in some fundamental way every time I turn around. (Let me be clear: the web has given birth to some really, and fundamentally, interesting developments: like just how quickly, and easily information, can, and should, be shared, which became the foundation for the idea of open source. There’s more, but that’s a pretty good one thing.)

So enter the idea of “cards”. According to this [Intercom article](, cards are the future of the web, because, well, we need a new future of the web because we haven’t had one in the past fifteen days.

Okay, joking aside, cards are the future because everyone believes that mobile devices are the future of the web and that those mobile devices will necessarily be made up of small screens. (No one seems to consider that once we get our implants in, our screens will be really as large as we would like.) One facet of this new inevitability is that the cards will be personalized, a la Google Now, which means that what people are imagining is that our interface with the web in the future will be based upon an application of our choosing that will then cull our preferred information from data streams via an API.

Every time I see such an article, I think of the sheer pleasure of web surfing versus the drudgery of trolling through Facebook, which kinda gives you that card experience: lots of “bursts of information” that are, in some fashion, pre-determined by you (since you establish your network of friends and thus who can “feed” you information).

I think I prefer the wide open web.

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