Back in Town

We are back from our family summer vacation, which was also our first ever family road trip. We were gone two weeks, and we drove from Louisiana to South Dakota, passing through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska along the way. From South Dakota we drove to Minnesota, where Yung-Hsing gave a paper at the Middle Brow Conference hosted by Saint Catherine University, and my daughter and I played in the Minnesota Science Museum for two days straight. We then headed south again, getting home this past Wednesday, where I got to replace a leaking toilet and mow two weeks worth of grass. *Joy!*

I will be posting more details about our trip over the next few days, along with some thoughts about gender differences we noticed, especially among young women further north, and what it was like to spend two days in a science museum full of my fellow Americans…

In the mean time, here’s an approximate Google Map of our journey: GM’s process is not very intuitive or, really, discoverable. I will try to find a cartographic tool that works for most applications, but for now this will have to do:

Summer 2014 Road Trip

Summer 2014 Road Trip

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