AT&T Opt-Out Pages

So, AT&T wants to sell your user data. Everyone else is selling your user data, they say. Facebook. Google. But, you say, I get those services for “free” and I understand that my user data is part of the exchange. (If you didn’t get this, then maybe you should return your driver’s license, too.) Me, I pay AT&T to be a service provider. They make plenty of money off me and my family. If they need to make more, then they should either increase their rates and/or offer an advertiser-subsidized plan. (There are probably plenty of people who would go for it.)

If you want to opt-out of all of this, go to this page: [Manage Your Privacy Choices](

If you want to see your other privacy choices, go this page: [Choices and Controls]( Be prepared to be amazed by how hard AT&T makes it to opt-out of all the ways they record what you do.

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