Another Reason Not to Use Facebook

A lot of people I know use Facebook. It’s true that the site is amazingly good at connecting or re-connecting people. The problem is that people then stay within the confines of Facebook for these connections, corresponding with each other, commenting on each other’s photographs, and setting up events and holding larger conversations.

And that’s all well and good. That was and is the promise of the internet. The problem is that it’s not the internet: it’s Facebook. It’s a private internet. It’s AOL reborn. It promises privacy. It gives you the illusion of privacy, but in the background Facebook is relentlessly grinding statistics about you and selling this profile of you and your relationships to advertisers. And if you haven’t updated your privacy settings since Facebook changed its Terms of Use, it is also exposing you and all your friends to the larger internet, which may or may not be a much darker and scarier place.

And just in case you thought Facebook was a safe kindergarden, it turns out that the guy running the show has been [peering into your e-mails]( Zuckerberg, and allies like the [guy who founded Zynga](, are willing to pry themselves as far into users’ lives as users will let them. (The Zynga link is to a Youtube video featuring Mark Pincus where he reveals, in NSFW language, how willing he was to screw users — sorry, that’s the most polite word I could come up with.)

And that’s why I mostly post to Facebook from my [Twitter account]( Twitter has not, so far at least, locked my data up. More importantly, a number of my Twitter posts act merely as selective feeds to this site. This site is not as full and complete as I would like it, but finishing it is entirely within my control.

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