An Emergency Pack

According to [Metropolitan Organizing][mo], an emergency pack should include the following:

* Drivers License, Cash, and Credit cards
* Insurance documents
* Mobile phone and charger
* Will
* Passport
* Stock Certificates
* Investment Information
* Bank account numbers
* Pictures of the contents of your home and office
* Prescriptions
* Personal phone book
* Light sticks
* Crank flashlight/radio
* Giant Ziploc baggies
* Keys to your home(s), safe deposit box, office, and car(s)

The list is heavy on paperwork — and stock certificates, investment information, and bank account numbers seem redundant (couldn’t it all be considered “important financial documents?), but it seems like a good place to start building your own personalized version of a “bug out bag” as they are known among the survivalist types.

[Waterproof Cases has a great video]( that adds not only food and water but also:

* a first aid kit
* a multi-tool
* at least two weeks of vital medication
* sanitation supplies (including feminine hygiene products)
* maps
* contact information for family and friends (a bit better than the more generic “personal phone book” above)

[Unclutterer has a great family first aid kit list](, with a lot of additional items found in the comments, including the amazing properties of coconut oil.

See also: [National Severe Weather Preparedness Week](

*What’s in your bag?*