A Personal Public Web Server?

Sometimes when doing development work, or for some other particular workflows, I like to be able to set up web pages/sites/whatever in the `Sites`folder on my Mac. Accessing that material becomes as easy as typing `http://localhost/whatever/` into my browser. Making material in the `~/Sites` viewable is as easy as navigating to **System Preferences** and turning on **Web Sharing**, which starts up `apached`. But what if you don’t want everyone to share your web? Here’s the file I created in `/etc/apache2/users` as `userhome.conf`:

Options Indexes MultiViews
AllowOverride None
# Order allow,deny
# Allow from all
Allow from

Obviously `userhome` is the short name that you use that is also the name of your home directory — often called $HOME by better geeks than me, but I was afraid if I typed that above, someone would actually use it.

A tip of the cap to Apple for making it so easy to do by following this [knowledge base article](http://support.apple.com/kb/TA25038).