A Better Day in New Orleans

We woke this morning in our smallish hotel room — it turns out that the Renaissance Arts was not the hotel I thought it was — but enjoyed our late rising and our breakfast in the hotel, despite the absolute chaos of the restaurant.

*Yung and Lily in Bed*

Tina and Felix picked us up at the front door and we headed off to the Aquarium of the Americas, which seemed smaller, or at least more chopped up then either Yung or I remembered. We decided it must, in part, be from the increased number of gift shops scattered about the place and the food court that is now also part of the place. (Revenue is revenue, and it’s all part of the overall package that museums find themselves having to offer.

The tunnel you walk-through is still pretty amazing, and the rain forest area was impressive. The passages and hallways, however, are pretty narrow and so even a smallish number of visitors begins to feel like a crowd.

The fun part was the chance to hang out with Tina and Felix and to watch Tina and Lily get to have more time together. Afterwards, T and F dropped us off at our hotel, we grabbed our bags, fetched our car, and got on the interstate as quickly as we could, not stopping until we got to Des Allemands for gas and lunch.

Lily Plays Follows Her Own Labyrinth
*Lily Follows Her Own Labyrinth*