7 Things to Learn about Photography

Scott Bourne has a list of “20 Things I Learned About Photography” that I like quite a lot. For photographers like myself who are interested in documenting the world about them, the following items seemed most interesting to me:

2. Background – background – background. Pay close attention to the background. Keep it simple. Make sure there are no background distractions. Make the subject the star of the photo not the background.

6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Practice is important. Results aren’t – at least until you can talk someone into paying you for your work.

9. Don’t waste one second of your photographic career trying to figure out if you are better or worse at photography than anyone else. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t help and it won’t make you better at photography.

10. Spend more time thinking about composition and light than you spend thinking about getting paid or recognized.

11. Spend time looking at light. Understand it. Look for it. Recognize it. Worship it. Nothing beats good light – ever.

14. When in doubt, leave it out. Good photography is as much about what you do not include in the photograph as what you do include in the photograph.

20. It’s better to think of photography as an opportunity to make photographs not just take photographs.

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