I am finally making progress on learning to code. I don’t know that I am ready to do any complicated natural language processing in Python just yet, but the basics are finally making sense to me. A lot of my education comes in ten minutes I grab here or twenty minutes I grab there to learn about `while` loops or what a `method` is. I am keeping all my notes and my code in a sub-sub-subdirectory. It’s long to type. Thank goodness `bash` is so customizable:

alias Learn=’cd Dropbox/personal/programming/learn’

Much easier.

I decided to use an initial capital as a way to distinguish my alias from a regular bash command. The alias depends upon being in the home (~) directory to work, which is usually where I begin, but if my work in the `jstor` directory begins to pick up, I can easily add a `~/` to the beginning of the directory structure above to make it possible to use the command from wherever I am.