Part of that ideal textCMS could be [QuickQuestion][qq]. I’m not quite sure I need it. Like [Brett Terpstra][bt], QuickQuestion’s author, I like keeping a bunch of small plain text notes, but I label them simply by a [Typinator][tt] keystroke (dtt) that inserts `yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm`, e.g., `2012-01-15-1552`. It seems like a dumb way to label files, but it keeps me from worrying about what to label a file and focused on content. Sometimes I append a word or two to the date-time as a way of making it easy to scan in the file system, e.g., `2012-01-06-1510-macports`, otherwise I rely upon hash tags (`#tag) at the end of a file that allow me to `grep` for the files I want.