Gandhi’s Diet

Gandhi, besides being an adherent of simple living and nonresistance, also devoted himself to creating what he believed to be a perfect diet. The diet, later named the “Gandhi-diet” meant a diet which was environmentally acceptable, based on economical (low-cost) products, and healthy (allowing the body to perform at its best capabilities; thus keeping digestion in mind). The diet, on which he worked for 35 years, constantly re-evaluating and improving it for himself, consisted of:

* 1 litre of cow or goat milk
* 170 g cereals
* 85 g leafy vegetables
* 140 g other vegetables
* 30 g raw vegetables
* 40 g ghee
* 60 g butter
* and 40 g jaggery or sugar
* fruits according to one’s taste and purse
* 2 sour limes (juice taken with vegetables or in water, cold or hot)
* salt according to taste