LaTeX Notes

The last time I used LaTeX was to collaborate with Jonathan Goodwin on our examination of the disciplinary history of folklore studies using topic modeling. Having spent five weeks with computer scientists and mathematician’s at the NSF’s Culture Analytics program at UCLA’s Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, that LaTeX is simply the assumed way that one communicates research results. To be clear, I have always admired LaTeX both for its power and for its open source nature, it’s just that my previous adventures with it were rather stumbling affairs. This time around, I simply installed LaTeX — as texlive-latex — via MacPorts, and I’ve chosen to use Texpad as my editor. The experience could not have been more smooth. I am writing up some notes now in it, and while I confess my itch to weak some of the defaults is strong — I don’t particularly care for the default type face in LaTeX (I never have) — it works.

As I work through my own implementation, I find myself admiring things list Neil Lawrence’s LaTeX style guide for his group.