More Life Lessons

I am not particularly fond of the “ten things I learned” or “the ten things you need to know” genre, but there are a few things in [Kathy Caprino’s essay on Sara Blakely][10] that I want to remember to teach myself and my daughter.

1. For my daughter, I want her to remember to **fail big**.

2. For myself, I want to learn not to share ideas too soon, not because I worry that people will steal them but because sometimes an idea needs to be nurtured before facing the scrutiny of the world, which often doesn’t receive new ideas very well.


[Public universities are now moving to the open access model for faculty research][ucsf]:

> The UCSF Academic Senate has voted to make electronic versions of current and future scientific articles freely available to the public, helping to reverse decades of practice on the part of medical and scientific journal publishers to restrict access to research results.


[I love typography]( And I have always [wanted to create a font](

The Lives of Harry Lime

[The Lives of Harry Lime][hl] is available on Produced by the BBC, I believe, Orson Wells reprised the role of Harry Lime from his 1949 adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel _The Third Man_. The film is a personal favorite of mine — along with _The Gray Fox_ and _Local Hero_ — and I look forward to spending some time with the audio series: 52 half-hour episodes are available.

One of the things I want to do after the book is done is get together with some talented people and write some audio plays. I think it’s a genre that is overdue for a renaissance, and I think it would be fun to work as a group, perhaps writing alone but then coming together to read the texts live, record them, and release them on the web. Who am I thinking of? Josh Caffery, for a start, as one of the most talented writers I know, but also Reese Fuller, who I know less well, but has to have chops. Perhaps Conni Castille would be interested. Very talented, but I am not sure if she is interested in writing outside of film. Kristi Guillory always amazes me, but again, it may be she is more a song writer than a story writer. I’m sure there are others, but these are the people that come to me in the moment.


Happy Towel Day! The BBC hosts a [Hitchhiker’s Guide game][hhgg] (Warning: Flash).


[Paul Ford observes that the web works best when it feeds our need to be consulted.](

[A TED talk on how to use one paper towel per trip to a public restroom.](