Tornado of Tidiness

The transition to her new day care is still not complete — in the sense that she still cries, if only a little these days, when we drop her off — but already the place is beginning to have an impact on the Bean.

For instance, we ended up running a little late getting out of the house to do yesterday’s lessons because Lily insisted on taking the time to put her toys away once she was done playing with them. (It’s a very odd thing to find yourself as a parent actually getting a little impatient with your child being tidy.) And the tidiness is widespread: all her toys get returned to their proper bin and the bin gets carried back to the its shelf. This morning, when we had finished putting them away, she actually uttered a little “Yes!”

And she just doesn’t say no now. Instead, it’s “No thank you, no thank you, no thank you” when she is refusing something.

She has also started to say small prayers during her play meals. (Curiously, this doesn’t come up during our actual meals.) We’re not too sure what to make, or how to feel, about this last thing, but we’re willing to let it ride for the time being.

The Bean has been sick this weekend, with a little head cold, but Yung swore last weekend that she already detected a certain amount of boredom in the Bean. Perhaps, Yung suggested, she has already gotten used to a certain amount of activity and stimulation at school.

We are certainly actively engaging her more now. For one, we miss her while she is at her school and so we look forward to spending time with her. For another, we have both decided that too much of work has crept into our home life. We both feel the need for more distinction. We both love what we do as intellectuals, but both of us feel that our institution is all too glad to consume as much of us as it can, and that just wasn’t good for us. (And with “us” now including Lily, it’s easier to see and feel.)