Archiving Literature

In a conversation with Debbie Clifton, she recommended the following texts, which she has on her shelves in her office at the Natural History Museum:

  • Cataloguing Cultural Objects
  • The Classification of Pictures and Slides (at the LSU library)
  • Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (highly recommended)
  • The Revised Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging

Software used at NHM: PastPerfect (appeared to be running on a Windows 98 machine, so I don’t know if it’s cross-platform or still in development).

At some point in the near future, we need to determine if and how we are going to inventory the diverse collections of the Center. I would love to see a single (obviously flexible) database that would allow a user to search the entire contents of our collections. Currently we have Filemaker as our backbone (if we can get it running for everybody), but at some point, if we grow, I would love to see us have something with more transparency for us as designers — something like MySQL, which would allow us to have a web interface, and even serve to the www, without the steep price tag that FM wants for that function. (Oh for the time to learn PHP, etc.)